Kiev Residences, Ukraine
CATEGORY: Residential
PROJECT:  Kiev Residences, Ukraine
SIZE: 16,000m2

Volume 3 was invited to participate in a closed competition for a substantial lakeside neo-classical palazzo and guesthouse within a 17-hectare site near Kiev, Ukraine.  The project also contains housing for the 30 member full-time staff and a concealed compound with separate services for the security and grounds keepers.  

The proposal was derived from the hierarchy built into the organization of the large chambers of the early Palladian villas, in particular, the flexibility inherent to the multi-functional capabilities of the social spaces.  Four wings that extend from the central Great Hall dictate the organization, as this arrangement creates maximum aspect to the landscape setting and distributes formal gardens both to the east and west of the palazzo. 

The proposal draws on 350 years of tradition - with grand receptions and formal arrangements - but is firmly grounded in 21st century needs and technologies with specialized living spaces such as health and spa facilities, a modern kitchen and catering facilities, and media lounges.  In addition to achieving exemplar sustainable credentials, the approved design conserves every tree on the pine woodland site.