Vero Central, Belgrade
CATEGORY: Mixed Use – Retail, Hotel and Residential
PROJECT:  Vero Centar, Belgrade, Serbia
SIZE: 45,000m2

Volume 3 was commissioned to design and construct a large, urban mixed-use project in central Belgrade that incorporates a supermarket, shopping mall, hotel, luxury apartments, and enough parking for these programs within a 5 story basement garage.    The scheme was designed to withstand up to force 8 earthquakes and utilized an innovative basement and superstructure methodology which allowed for the construction to take place simultaneously above and below ground, years before this technique was popularized by the London Shard.

The unique Z-shaped block, which contains the hotel with roof garden and the luxury apartments, provides three different aspects to address the three established streets in differentiated ways.  Furthermore, the 4-meter change of grade across the site enabled unique individual entrance sequences for the variety of programs within the development.

This project was conceived as a catalyst to kick-start further development within the area as it was the first major urban commercial project in Serbia following the break-up of former Yugoslavia.  It also introduced UK Building Codes as a precedent for future Serbian projects.